business_meetingWhy should we hire a planner?
Event planners are professionals who specialize in—surprise! – planning events. We may not know about your particular issue or field buy we know how to organize numbers of people, negotiate with facilities, book rooms, and identify and take care of all the details that can easily go unnoticed until they surface to create crises for others.

How will you save us cost, when you charge for your services?
Every meeting has budget and it is our job to work within your budget. Timelines are drafted and goals must be established. Based on our years of planning we know pricing and how to negotiate the best price for you. Our suppliers have a long-term record with us and can provide us with discounted pricing because we provide them repeat business. Our charges are flat rate or fee based.

How will we be treated?
Your project is not a single entity but a commitment to develop a long term relationship with all of our clients. We are dedicated to handle your association/meeting or event more smoothly than in the past, for our success is determined by the number of return clients we have.

Do you specialize in corporate meetings and events?
We handle meeting, corporate retreats, conventions, tradeshows, special events, and incentive travel. We can work with you or handle these on our own. We can manage suppliers, vendors, registrations, sponsorships, signage and shipping.

What if the meeting we are planning is out of the country?
We work with global partners in over 50 countries.

How long in advance do I need to plan my meeting?
Normally meetings should be completely planned 7 days in advance to insure success, but the further out you plan, the more places you will have to choose from and furthers the chance to set the rate vs. to take what is left over.